easy to use and everything is in one place! Skip using multiple systems and streamline by using just this one system.
–Judy S.

In the last year I can attribute several customers that order monthly to the fact that I developed a solid relationship early on that was maintained consistently because of this system.
–Amy D.

We’ve enjoyed working with a team that has the same values as we do, exceptional customer service and quality communication for its customers,

All the other products we viewed were very cumbersome to work with and the more functionality they added the harder they were to use. We were also impressed with DA’s awareness of how important it is for this type of software to have the ability to not only support sales but to also be a viable marketing tool.

We chose Developers Advantage because it is the complete solution for the prospect follow-through process. DA provides 1) your entire sales team with easy-to-use online TO-DO lists, and 2) quick easy reporting for management. What DA has done is automate and organize all aspects of the sales process.

We’ve researched other companies, and have found DA to be the best, most robust application available. What made DA our choice is that they have the experience and expertise with new home sales to help assist you with managing OUR prospects, specific to OUR market

There is nothing out there like Developers Advantage. We were impressed with the all-encompassing system & professional customer service. They are as unique a breed as we are.

Of all the CRM solutions we looked at, Developers Advantage has the real estate expertise we were looking for in a partner. DA brought to us a process and tool set for real estate sales already developed. The ability to automate a portion of our sales process and structure our daily tasks in invaluable. Another key decision factor was their ability to track and manage our success and identify our challenge points and make the correct adjustments.

We chose Developers Advantage over its competitors due to the all encompassing nature, proven track record, ability to meet a tight implementation timeline, focus on the development industry and their commitment to servicing their clients. Developer’s Advantage has resulted in better efficiency of our marketing expenditures, increased our sales conversion rates, improved our contract processing, and streamlined our communications.

Given the investment involved in a system, we were looking for a solution that would meet all of our needs, not just some of them. We were also looking for a product that could handle the idiosyncrasies of our industry and our market. There were plenty of systems out there that are customizable, but we are salespeople, not computer programmers. We like the idea that DA was invented for our particular industry, and it comes already customized. We also like that DA is able to give us valuable input based on their experience with other developments. It feels more like a “partnership” than a “purchase”.

Compiling and tracking data is critical in the development business. When we realized how much time and money we were losing manually, we knew it was time for a new solution.

There are only a handful of solutions available, and none of them contain a fourth of what Developers Advantage does. It has truly taken our business to the next level.

Developers Advantage is by far, the best sales tool we’ve found for property sales — at any price.