Our Story

Genesis Global Technologies is the proud author of Advantage Anywhere, located in Fort Myers, Florida. Genesis Global Technologies started in the CRM business in the 1990’s and has refined and mastered all the possibilities when it comes to Sales, Marketing and Follow-up with Advantage Anywhere.

Advantage Anywhere is the leading cloud-based marketing and follow up automation system for any business, for both large and small businesses, whether a solo-preneur or an entire company – Advantage Anywhere is the only one featuring all the marketing, sales tracking, stay in contact with follow up system feature real business intelligence.

We create simple and ingenious sales, marketing and follow up automation solutions driven by technology.

We are currently working with thousands of clients to help them generate sales leads and automate the process to turn them into residents efficiently, automatically and flawlessly.

We are truly passionate about your success. We are driven by your success. When we work with a client on an email marketing campaign and they get a 5% response rate as we do regularly — we get as excited as they do! We are truly passionate about your sales success.

Let us help you be successful in your sales and marketing.  Contact us today!