Confessions of a reluctant sales person

courageI have a confession to make.
I spent most of my life hating sales and making it clear that I was NOT a sales person.  I was convinced that sales was hard, pushy, intimidating and unappealing…and the image of sales was a used car salesman.  I wanted no part of it.

A few years ago, I had a paradigm shift, when – against all my plans – I found myself in a position to have to represent our company in sales (THERE!  I said it!).

I vowed that I would not be the stereotypical obnoxious sales person that I (and everyone else) hated to be around.  There had to be a kinder, gentler way to sell…and I was going to find it.Dangle

So I started by consulting with the most difficult person on earth to sell to – ME!

Think for a second how you like to be sold.  It’s not high pressure, or calls or “time share” tactics where they lure you in and then corner you for hours on end and don’t let go until you sign.  That’s torture.  And, that’s the fear that many people imagine.

Here’s how I want to be sold:  I want to do my own research, educate myself, talk to friends and families (that trumps all other touch points), get all my questions answered, feel special by the people I’m buying from and then make a decision that I feel like I controlled.

A savvy sales/marketing person knows how to walk you through that process, gently steer you through to uncover your needs and pains and help you decide if their solution is best for you.

As a result of my research, experimentation and “bloody t-shirts”, I’ve developed 7 steps that work and produce successful sales without the “used car salesman” smell.

Over the next several weeks, I’d like to share those steps with you.  I invite you to join me as we unpack them and then “talk back to me” about your experiences.

“See you” next time!