Confessions of a reluctant sales person. Step 1: Dangle Attractive Lure

Confessions of a reluctant sales person. Step 1: Dangle Attractive Lure

carrotIn my last Marketing Bytes, I made a confession to you about my reluctance to “sell”.  (You can read my confession here.)
And I promised to start sharing some of the steps I’ve developed that work for me and produce successful sales without the “used car salesman” smell.

Today, I’d like to share the first one:  Dangle Attractive Lure.

In the physical world, what happens when you chase someone?   They RUN!  It’s instinctive!
Why do we think it works any different in sales?  How do YOU react when someone is chasing you down?  Do you feel like you’re being “stalked” or “harassed”?

Think about how you like to be sold.  It’s probably not high pressure, or calls or “time share” tactics where they lure you in and then corner you for hours on end and don’t let go until you sign.  That’s torture.  And, unfortunately, that’s the fear that many people imagine.

Most likely, you want to do your own research, educate yourself, talk to friends and families (that trumps all other touch points), get all your questions answered, feel special by the people you’re buying from and then make a decision that you feel like you controlled.  A savvy marketing person knows how to walk you through that process, gently steering you through to uncover your needs and pains and help you decide if their solution is best for you.

The better alternative to chasing is to Attract.  (Hence the invention of perfume/cologne and other “accessories” to make us more approachable!)

Here’s how I look at it…and you’ll have to forgive the mixed metaphors, but in order to create attraction opportunities, you first want to “soften the beaches” with education, information, and other free resources.  (“Soften the beaches” is a military term I borrowed to mean prepare the target).

Then when the beaches are softened, you want to “cast a net” to see who’s ready or ripe to be engaged or get more involved with you.  Remember that people ripe at different rates, so you want to be there when they get ripe or ready for what you provide.  And don’t rush the process.  Let your prospects, family members and referral sources drive and control the timing.

Recently, I was dolphin fishing with my family (it was our first time and it was very exciting!).  After circling the ocean for what seemed like hours, we finally stopped at what looked like a good spot and threw out bait.  My 10 year old daughter caught the first and largest dolphin and when we were done, my brother (our Captain) decided to share wisdom with the kids.  He said, “Do you know the secret of fishing?  It’s part luck:  being in the right place at the right time, where and when the fish are hungry.  And offering them something attractive that they like.”   I thought…isn’t that so true of marketing too?

What attractive lures are you dangling to attract your Prospects, Family Members and Referral Sources?

Over the next several weeks, I’d like to share those steps with you.  I invite you to join me as we unpack them and then “talk back to me” about your experiences.

"See you" next time!