Complete. All in One. Anywhere.

Marketing, Sales, Follow Up Automation and Tracking for small businesses tool.

Anyone can get a CRM or lead management system, but that won’t increase your sales. You need an Advantage to get better results.


The secret to getting a competitive Advantage: Bullet-proof your Marketing and Follow Up Processes and proactively access your information 24/7 from Anywhere.

A new, next generation tool for customer engagement and marketing. This is a unique, easy to use, highly automated prospect/client tracking, emailing, social media connection, cloud based system designed to streamline your following and increase your sales!


Access all your information in the Cloud!

On all of your internet enabled devices you canlocate contacts, create notes, update sales opportunities, get directions, autodial phone numbers and much more!


Create instant personalized Bulk Email and Bulk Print Marketing!

Send your newsletters, event invites, new product alerts or update your contacts in just clicks with individual or bulk email with AND print marketing, graphics and all.


Capture more leads and follow up instantly, even while you sleep!

Not only capture webleads, but system enters those leads as contacts, and the follow up starts automatically.  Rest easy knowing that all of your leads are getting the attention they need.



Bullet-proof follow up! Never forget to stay in touch or return a call, send an update or re-engage customers.

Keep track of the entire sales process, all in one place – engage, track and report. Now see all the leads/contracts and sales opportunities in your sales funnel instantly and in real time.