Why companies BATTLE with their people to use their CRM.
–And an ingenious – if not sneaky – strategy to win!

(Click above to play audio blog) By Mona Hilton, CEO, Genesis Global Technologies, authors of the Advantage sales and marketing automation ecosystems.  www.OccupancyAdvantage.com Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Not only is it a million dollar question, but solving it is worth a million dollars – literally!…in lost sales revenue and profits. Why is[…]

Overstimulated and undernourished?

Overstimulated and undernourished? Here’s an epiphany for you. When was the last time you actually sat in silence for a whole hour? A half hour? What about…5 minutes? The truth is, we as 21st century humans have been conditioned to stimulus. We have the TV playing in the background when we’re home. We have cell[…]